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Today’s market is dramatically different for the legal profession. The Internet coupled with a severe economic downturn has made for a serious dilemma on the part of a small firm. It take three to five times the advertising budget of five years ago to increase and maintain a lucrative client base. Competition is keen with many new concepts for leads appearing on line every week. The pooled funds for advertising concept of an Attorney Referral Service makes sense now more then ever.

An attorney referral service advertises the referral service, not each law firm member. If the service limits the number of attorneys by geographic area and legal category these pooled dollars can be a very effective way to beat the competition. Depending on the rules for each state a Referral service may be just a client connect internet based option or may do print, direct mailers, T.V or phone book advertising. Choose a service with a good internet campaign that utilizes many targeted legal categories and cities within your geographic area. An attorney referral service pools the resources and advertises on your behalf.

A professional Bar compliant lawyer referral service or on line internet cooperative marketing program through an attorney network can offer surprising results and be the answer in this economic environment.

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